Friday, 14 October 2011

Reformation of a minimalist

There are deep gouges in the parquet flooring, and paint flakes off the ceiling in the fashion designer Sacha Walckhoff’s fifth-floor apartment. He describes it as 'a little shabby’, and explains that the hairline cracks that creep their way up the walls are the result of this part of Paris’s 9th arrondissement being built on swampy ground above a small underground lake. Thus the building, from the 1820s, has been subjected to a fair bit of movement in its lifetime. 'When my mother visits she always says that we should repaint. But I love this. It feels so Parisian.

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mamacita said...

He made an amazing recovery. We should send him Lindsay Lohan and see if he can turn her around, too.

Sweetie, darling.

JWC said...

I adore this space. I'd love to loot his apartment... wonder if the doorman would have a problem with a stranger carting out that zebra and blackamoor? Fantastic.

HOBAC said...

Can see the headlines now - Poor LL, can fashion save her?

HOBAC said...

JWC - isn't that the best blackamoor?