Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lost and found

In 1964, the then up-and-coming  Friedlander was hired by Harper's Bazaar art directors Ruth Ansel and Bea Feitler to photograph the year's new car models. As Friedlander's album covers (for many of the jazz artists at Atlantic Records) had already proven his ability to work on assignment and wishing to obtain his best work, Ansel and Feitlier decided that he should be left to his own devices.

Rather than glamourising  the then ultimate symbol of success, Friedlander ...just put the cars out in the world, instead of on a pedestal. The then editor-in-chief Nancy White was less than impressed and well aware that offending the car manufactures could ultimately harm advertising revenue. 

Though Friedlander was paid, the shots were never used and all but forgotten. That is, until Friedlander rediscovered the negatives in 2010.

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The Decorator said...

Wow these photos are so ambient!
Just love the 'lonely drive-in' and 'amusement park'
pics..really beautiful.....

HOBAC said...

D -

Just got the book, can't recommend it enough. Gorgeous.