Friday, 7 October 2011

Ab Fab

In the 1980s and 90s Sara Thorn was Australian clubland's answer to Zandra Rhodes.

Galaxy,  Melbourne
photograph by Kate Gollings, 1986

The joint venture that Bruce Slorach and Thorn (pictured reclining) established in 1985.  
Galaxy was Thorn's and  Slorach's first shop selling their Abyss Studio label. 

I see textiles not just as fabric, but as a form of cultural communication. - Sara Thorn

Thorn's latest incarnation is WorldWeave, a collaboration with Piero Paolo Gesualdi.

Embroidered Felt Throw

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The Decorator said...

How wonderful that you have remembered Sara and Bruce, such pioneers in Australian fashion.

I sold their wonderful designs in my boutique from
1986-1992 from the Abyss label to Funk Essentials and Konka. Their custom prints were so ahead of their time and I just wish I had saved and catalogued them.
Alas they were thrown into the 'Abyss' along with the Sue Clowes and Katie Pye garments.....we do such silly things when we are young and carefree!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'm in love with that mermaid throw!

HOBAC said...

AD - and it's on sale!

HOBAC said...

TD - So ahead. A friend from Melbourne had some fantastic pieces from ST and Abyss.

Haven't heard of SC in years, loved her Foundry pieces. Whatever happened to Pye she was incredible?