Monday, 23 May 2011

at Home

Their Chelsea house (also decorated by David Mlinaric) as it appeared in The World of Interiors, 1988.

The house was in fact only twelve feet wide and arranged over three floors benefiting from a courtyard almost as large as the house itself. In the courtyard were two mulberry trees planted by James I in order to encourage silk weaving in England.

The drawing room

The drawing room chimneypiece designed by Mlinaric

The libray/dining room with its very Soane like ceiling

Lady Rendlesham's bedroom reflected in an English 18th century tear drop mirror

Sadly,  Clare Rendlesham died shortly after the house was completed.

Scale Model by Mirabel Cecil
The World of Interiors July/August 1988

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Maison de lin said...


I love this quint of interiors and i love the yellow on the walls.

Have a nice week

John J. Tackett said...

Despite the narrow width, it appears to be a very charming house! _. The Devoted Classicist

Pigtown-Design said...

i love seeing what people can do with a narrow house. my new place is 14 feet wide!

Jill said...

The drawing room is just my cup of mocha!! Love the red chair

Ottoline Divine another blog from little augury said...

sounds perfect 12 feet and how deep? thank you for sharing some glimpses of your older World of Interiors. pgt