Wednesday, 4 May 2011

at Home

Lord and Lady Rendlesham

Their country house decorated by David Mlinaric in the late 1970s.


David Mlinaric, The end of the Sixties - 

Everybody was to some extent camera shy. Nobody really wanted to go over the top in being conspicuous. The magazines that were interested in exposing this new thing, like Vogue or Queen were fairly uncritical to begin with, not like nowadays where everybody wants to score points off somebody else. The current celebrity thing has a lot to do with making a lot of money and we didn't have that aspiration. You could go out to lunch for seven and sixpence, and if you got fifty pounds for a photo shoot in a German magazine … you would just go out to lunch. We never thought it was the target, to make a lot of money. 

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little augury said...

& then there was Now & you can't turn about without a designer or celebrity posing barefoot. fantastic quote.

David Toms said...

Totally different to the other David(Hicks) of the 60's. This is very refined and english!

Barima said...

I've been meaning to purchase that tome for nearly two years, HOBAC; good eye, as ever