Thursday, 3 March 2011

Polished, not painted

An 18th century Norwegian Rococo dark polished sofa, 
with carved c-scrolls and ornaments, the cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw feet. 

Mid 18th century Rococo dark polished canapé, carved with shells and foliage. 

Time will pass, and we shall go away forever, and we shall be forgotten, our faces will be forgotten, our voices, and how many there were of us; but our sufferings will pass into joy for those who will live after us, happiness and peace will be established upon earth, and they will remember kindly and bless those who have lived before. - Anton Chekhov, The Three Sisters

Now playing: Zero 7 - Simple Things


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear HOBAC, they're beautiful. The second one is my favourite.

One of my best friends Sophie was in Zero 7. She wrote all the hits on Simple Things xx

mamacita said...

If I see one more painted-white David Hicks-wannabee spread, I might start throwing things.

Karena said...

The carvings and curves are wonderful!

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

Art by Karena

Barima said...

Elegant finds to complement the single backed version you already posted. The carving is exquisite

And I used to be quite fond of that Zero 7 record, particularly 'Give It Away' and 'Polaris'

All best,


little augury said...

Love this piece-especially the second- do you suppose it was put together-it looks very much like it -with the additional legs along the back and the apron seams. The darker polished wood and the style that it brings appeal The Chekov quote along with these pieces implies-"and the furniture too" except he would have put it more beautifully. pgt