Saturday, 26 March 2011


Cave painting from Lascaux 

Fossilised Irish Elk antlers and skull
Spanning 12' with 20 points
  Adare Manor, Co. Limerick.

 Irish Elk antlers
The skull and tips restored with carved wooden replacements, 98in.
Christopher Gibbs
The Manor House at Clifton Hampden, Oxford

"You are the last of us, the only one left
of the Waegmundings. Fate swept us away,
sent my whole brave high-born clan
to their final doom. Now I must follow them."
That was the warrior's last word.
He had no more to confide. The furious heat
of the pyre would assail him. His soul fled from his breast
to its destined place among the steadfast ones. 

Beowulf, lines 2813-2820

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David Toms said...

I love these antlers! So modern and ancient at the same time!

Mike Diaz said...

EPIC, INDEED!!!!!!!!!!


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Beautiful! I love the antlers xx

soodie :: said...

not to minimize or trivialize the significance, but why isn't the cave painting of Lascaux reproduced and used as wallcovering?

HOBAC said...

soodie - had the same thought, perhaps on vellum.