Tuesday, 23 November 2010

à la française

Drawing Room Interior
Leopold Pascal (1900-1958)

French Hepplewhite mahogany show frame sofa of small proportions

Cotton and viscose brocade for sofa done with a fan edging.

Pair of French Hepplewhite mahogany elbow chairs, circa 1800, to be used directly opposite sofa.

 An uncut and cut velvet with a strie background for elbow chairs - done with a nail trim.

Pair of 18th Century French walnut armchairs for use next to sofa.
Nail and tape trim rather than double piping.

Linen and viscose textured moire
for chair faces (backs to be done in brocade) and curtains (lined in rose).

Lady's court dress and matching petticoat of pink striped and brocade silk.
French, circa 1760

Come to the edge, he said. 

They said: We are afraid. 

Come to the edge, he said. 

They came. 

He pushed them and they flew. - 

Guillaume Apollinaire



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Reggie Darling said...

One is amazed and appalled to see the dreaded double welting wherever one turns. Nasty, awful, horridness that it is. Reggie is heartened to learn that HOBAC shies away from such an abomination. But then, he's not one bit surprised, either.

HOBAC said...

R,D - sheer laziness that should not be condoned or encouraged.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

I think your posts are wonderful. Just found your blog and love the content. The history is wonderful and the photo support great.
Thanks again,
Jamie Herzlinger