Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bare bones

Exquisitely carved late 19th Century ebony and ivory mememto mori

Skull of an Ankole-Watusi

Skull of a hippopotamus

 Congolese baboon skull fetish

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Squeak said...

Oh, these are so beautiful! I'm about to buy myself a (replica) rhino skull from the Evolution Store in New York. It has to be a replica because real skulls are subject to massive taxes when exported from the US, and I'm Canadian. I already have several other replica skulls and enjoy them every day.

Seraph + Splendor said...

The ebony & ivory skull is lovely beyond words...

HOBAC said...

Squeak - luckily for us there are so many antique examples here. Have you ever tried a place called Bone Clones? They supply some of the institutions I have dealt with.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

I rather think these are better than the real thing. Fabulous, thank you.