Saturday, 3 September 2011

September issue

And it's back to school.

From the ground up.

The basement kitchen of the house that I originally, and rather wantonly, described as a very poor mix of neo Georgian, Arts and Crafts, and contemporary Scandinavian elements. With an absolutely hideous reproduction Louis XV chimney thrown in for good measure.  Whilst the assessment may have indeed been accurate, it failed to acknowledge that this was in fact once someone's house. And they undoubtedly thought it perfect. For them, it more than likely was.

However, to this jaundiced eye,  the house was lacking. 

Beginning with the kitchen and its adjacent rooms. The cherry wood cabinetry (replete with its quasi-Shaker details) and granite work surfaces looked dated and commonplace. And the overly bright colour scheme throughout seemed desperately cheerful.

Luckily the cabinets were beautifully made. And contrary to the current vogue of ripping out for ripping out's sake it was unilaterally decided to restyle the existing kitchen. Which, incidentally, had the most beautiful copper clad baseboards that would inspire the colour palette and the kitchen's details.

On the way to completion.

The kitchen walls were painted a dark green that was further deepened by 20%. The adjacent spaces were painted different shades of verdigris. With the space farthest away from the kitchen painted in the same dark green used as a tent stripe.

The morning room's rather innocuous cast iron Art Nouveau  chimneypiece was replaced

 with a larger ceramic Arts and Crafts example.

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John J. Tackett said...

I can hardly wait for the final reveal!
__ The Devoted Classicist

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

love what you are doing here.

Barima said...

I agree with Monsieur Tackett. Love a renovation



maison21 said...

love that mantle- looking forward to your transformation!

ps- on an equally gay note, i met mitzi gaynor tonight. who knew she was still alive... and looking amazing, i might add? (just wanted to share with someone who *might* care)

The Decorator said...

the bitter green paint revamp over the yellow is a God send!

mamacita said...

Don't you find that people underestimate the appeal of "moody" color, particularly in a basement? So much better than a desperate attempt at "cheerful." Glad you are there to show them the ...dark.