Sunday, 13 February 2011

Basking in the sun

View of San Sebastián, Circa 1930

King Alfonso XIII of Spain Visiting Bilbao, 1920

Portable Beach House of King Alphonse XIII Being Moved in San Sebastián, 1910

The historic Basque coastal town of San Sebastián. Ever since Doña Isabel II, Queen of the Spains first took the waters in 1845 San Sebastián played host to the Spanish court and Spain's summering aristocracy. It was here that Cristobal Balenciaga opened his first maison de couture in 1915.

Very apt, given Balenciaga's well known fascination with the aristocracy. Which has oft  been surmised to be nothing more than an indelible snobbery.  A fairer interpretation would be that Balenciaga was in fact fascinated with nobility and all that it entailed.

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An Aesthete's Lament said...

San Sebastían is an amazing place, with lovely Edwardian architecture. But wouldn't you love to know where that bathing pavilion ended up?

HOBAC said...

AL - wouldn't it make the most wonderful summer house?

Paper Heart Girl said...

I love to see old photos of the Spanish aristocracy, the civil war was so painful, yet relatively recent.. such an incredible history. Plus, I always wonder how they're not too hot in those heavy looking outfits under the spanish sun!
ahh. xxxxxxxx