Thursday, 20 January 2011

Obssesion renewed

Ambiance, Cool Water and Amnesia roses with camellia leaves

Amnesia and Cool Water roses being a current obsession. Current, not new. Since first encountering  Sterling Silver in a florist's shop in San Francisco, some 30 years ago, I  have had a thing for mauve coloured roses. They hark back to a different time. A time when  blue mink and Kerry Blue Terriers were fashionable, and cars had suicide doors.

Scene from Vertigo 
Interior shot of  Podesta Baldocchi on Grant Avenue. It was a magical place, especially at Christmas.

Little Silver Spray, Cool Water and Amnesia roses with acacia, magnolia leaves, pinus and willow
Christmas 2010

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katiedid said...

Oh my....I am swooning. You have a brilliant eye for an arrangement...both are lovely.